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NUX C-5RC 5.8GHz Wireless Guitar System

About this item

  • 5.8GHz band experiences fewer interferences from other devices when you play on stage or at home
  • Fits perfectly with all types of Electric Guitars, Acoustic-electric Guitars, Bass Guitars and Ukuleles, no matter with active or passive, piezo or magnetic pickups.
  • Comes with a portable Power Case to keep the wireless units charged.
  • With the 24-bit 44.1 KHz audio quality you will never experience unwanted sound degradation.
  • Auto-Matching System, MUTE function
  • Cable Tone Simulation, Low Latency (<5 ms)


  • 1875 S Robert St South
    West St. Paul MN


  • Monday - Friday
  • 10am-9pm
  • Saturday
  • 10am-6pm